Omak Stampede Children's Booth

by Renée Goodwin

Children competing in the dance contests came repeatedly through the booth.

Omak, Wash., November 20, 2012- Omak Native Ministries group was very excited to be given a booth space in the Indian encampment at the Omak Stampede which was Thursday August 9th through Sunday August 12th. Our booth was called the Native New Day Children's Booth. Our theme was Creation. For each day of creation they would look in a decorated box and guess what God had created. For example, on the six day they looked in a mirror after looking at the animals in the box.

We gave out many children's materials such as children's Bibles, Little Friends Sabbath School papers, Insight magazines, Bible story books, book marks with scripture, toys with Jesus sayings, and animals, etc. And health magazines for the adults.

We did a Native craft decorating paper tipis with stickers and feathers for the top sticks which they could take with them. They painted a larger cloth tipi little ones could crawl into located behind the booth. We had a special feature each day, telling Bible stories, and having puppet shows.  There was something for all ages.

Since most of the booths and activities at the Stampede are geared for adults the children’s booth was a huge success. Even the children competing in the dance contests came repeatedly to go through the booth. The children brought their parents and grandparents.  Not only did the children have a wonderful time, it was such a fun outreach for the ministry workers as well. We have been invited to have the children’s booth at two other camp meetings this next summer. God certainly is blessing in a big way.