Perfect Timing

by Kathy Marson

Christine Lomeland (left) and Holly Sheese (right) both sold books through Upper Columbia Conference Youth Rush program this past summer.

Spokane, Wash., November 15, 2012 -

You never know when you hand out GLOW, what the result will be. But you can know that there is a master designer who helps you.

The lady looked through the vegan cookbook, Naturally Gourmet, one of several books that Christine Lomeland had in her repertoire that day during her summer with Youth Rush. The lady decided not to purchase it because she had just started a raw plant foods diet, so that was all she was going to eat.

When Lomeland asked her the reason why, she replied, “Well, that’s the way God made them anyways, right?” Because of this statement, Lomeland asked her if she was a Christian. “No, I’m an atheist,” the lady responded.

At a loss as to how to respond, Lomeland asked, “why?” The lady said she had just completed reading the Bible through for the third time and could not trust it -- just too much to believe. She even had Christian friends, but couldn’t accept it.

Even though she didn’t want to buy anything, Lomeland wanted to leave ‘something’ with her. So she pulled out a GLOW from her bag. Lomeland said, “Guess which one came out of my bag that day? I had a mixed assortment and the GLOW tract couldn’t have been more perfect for this lady.” The title was, Can you trust the Bible?

Lomeland says, “I’m not sure how it affected her, but it was just such perfect timing, I was in awe.”

Click here to go to the link to that particular GLOW tract as well as to a list of these handy tracts that can be purchased through your local Adventist Book Center. GLOW tracts are simple and easy to use as you Share the Life of Jesus with others.