Plummer Native Church Ground Breaking

by Monte Church

This is to be the design on a stained glass window in the new Plummer Living Hope Adventist Church.

Plummer, Idaho., October 9, 2012 -  It was springtime and people everywhere were breaking ground, mostly for gardens.  But ground was broken for a different purpose on April 19 at Plummer, Idaho located 35 minutes south of Coeur d’Alene.

 The ground breaking came as a result five years of prayerful outreach, labor and effort by the members of The Plummer Living Hope Adventist Church 2006 church plant. Located on the Coeur d’Alene Indian Reservation, this is the third Native church in the Upper Columbia Conference and the first Native church in Idaho according to Doug Johnson, Upper Columbia Conference Secretary.

Monte Church, Director of Native Ministries for the North Pacific Union Conference, led out in the celebration sharing the importance of “going” into unreached territories and how the Lord can only bless actions that actually take place.

Coeur d’Alene Native and Living Hope Church member Frances White expressed her conviction that God has selected the location of the new church to be the eastern gatekeeper for her people.  She envisioned addiction recovery for many Native friends just as she has experienced personally with the Lord’s help.

Doug Johnson recalled the history of the work being started by the Houston and Bayless families of Plummer and Ron Bayless shared how the LORD worked in making the availability and purchase of the property a reality from a lady who had been helped by the church in her final years of declining health.

The foundation work began immediately in preparation in preparation for a Maranatha building program during the summer. We will post photos as we get them.