Here's Why Dawn Volunteers

by Kathy Marson

Rhonda before haircut.
Rhonda after haircut posing with Dawn her beautician!

Spokane, Wash., August 12, 2015 - At the mega health clinic, "Your Best Pathway to Health," I visited with Rhonda as she waited in line to receive a haircut from Dawn. She was more than happy to share her story of what the event was like for her.

Rhonda arrived at the Spokane Interstate Fairgrounds in the wee hours of Monday morning with only 24 people ahead of her.

When she finely reached the inside of the building and dental triage, she was number 22. After they took her for an Xray she was given number 86. She explained the situation to a volunteer but remained there. While she received a needed filling, she also needed a crown. But only a handful of cowns were able to be done. 

In spite of this Rhonda had only positive things to say about the event after she vented her dental woes. She had been frightened of the dental work but she said, “The doctor and nurse were so calming” that she was able to relax.

At the hair salon area she met Dawn who was more than happy to assist her in creating an attractive hair style for Rhonda. Dawn was so inspired by the event and the volunteers and their ability to help people in need that she share with Rhonda what this event meant to her and how important it is to serve Jesus.

Watch the video to see how her life has been touched by this event. Through the testimony of Dawn and the kindness in Dental, Rhonda saw how much people cared for her and she is  thankful for all the kind volunteers.

Rhonda receives a new hairdo and more at "Your Best Pathway to Health" from Upper Columbia Conference on Vimeo.