Getting a Bang out of Camp Meeting

by Kathy Marson

Health screening happens on the stage of the gym.
Trust booth sets up in the ministry booth area of the gymnasium. They offer a counseling session with an attorney and hot chocolate.

Spangle, Wash., June 20, 2013 -

The Upper Columbia Conference Camp meeting began with a bang this year as thunderstorms rocked the area around Spokane and Spangle just hours before guests began arriving. In spite of the weather, spirits are high in anticipation of the spiritual blessings to be received. Many have come just for that reason and of course to meet friends and make new ones.

New this year is the Health Screening available on the gym stage. Guests and staff can find out how healthy they are for a low cost. Those who want to walk a mile to warm up can also come to the Gym as a path has been created indoors. Just 14 laps is one mile. There are beans available so you can count your laps.

Also new this year is the Adventist Book Center’s location in the Gym along with ministry booths. Come On over to see what’s new and hot. Certainly the gym is warmer than the outside.

We covet your prayers for blessing on this wonderful and eventful camp meeting. Especially since the weather is wet and wild. Hope you get a chance to come to Spangle. For more information about camp meeting go to: If the weather cooperates and with the Lord's blessing, you can watch the meetings from this site.