He's Alive TV Celebrates 20 Years

by Kathy Marson

Sharathon Crew, Back row: Larry Gross, Tom Katsma, Tim Nirk, Pam Malmoe, Ruth Sheidler, Yvonne House, Gary Sheidler, Richie Brower, Abby Marson, Mike Tritle, and Joe Stanfill. Front row: Dave Wallace, Linda Shelton, Dan Matthews and Kathy Marson.
Here is an artist's rendering of what the KHBA production van might look like, pulling up to your event, in the near future.

Spokane, Wash., December, 4, 2012, - Spokane’s 20-year-old Christian Television Station, He’s Alive Broadcasting, (KHBA) Spokane, Wash., held a Gala Dinner with a record turnout on November 11. Dan Matthews and Linda Shelton hosted the dinner which kicked off a two-evening Sharathon. These events raised $39,214 towards their yearly operating costs. Matthews and Shelton also shared these confirming stories that KHBA is on the move.

Thanks to a Catholic gentleman in Kalispell, the Hope TV signal from KHBA’s channel 39.1 is heading to Flathead County, Mont. With a population of 90 thousand, this valley holds a potential for sharing hope in Jesus with many new friends.

Making new contacts throughout North American is a new ingredient in the mix for KHBA. The board voted to ask Shelton to be the development director for He’s Alive Television. Shelton has a background in broadcasting and fund raising and says, “I am excited to partner with KHBA to help strengthen and advance their ministry.”

Moving forward with a production vehicle has begun. A van was purchased and will be equipped for regional remote productions. The KHBA Production Van will facilitate a live feed where there is high-speed internet access. “We estimate it will cost $25 to $30,000 to put the equipment together,” says, Joe Stanfill, station manager for KHBA. “We are grateful to our founder, Marlo Fralick, for his financial assistance to begin this project.”

KHBA unveiled exciting new programming during their Sharathon. These shows include, Travel with Spirit, a travel show with a noticeable Christian approach; Babbie’s House, a music and talk show; Mark Gungor, a show on “love, marriage and stinking thinking,” giving viewers a frank, humorous marriage counseling approach; Dare to Love, is about how to make friends of Muslim neighbors and be a positive witness; and Friends and Neighbors, is Christian ladies discussing current issues, similar to The View. Time slots for these programs are available at KHBATV.com.

The KHBA board is pursuing ways introduce Spokane’s secular population to Jesus. “We don’t need to travel far to find a mission field,” says Stanfill. “We have thousands of people throughout Spokane who need to hear and see a witness for Jesus. This is what drives me and our volunteers to sacrifice time, money and energy.”

KHBA is the only local Christian broadcaster in Spokane bringing light to a community that needs to know Jesus. Viewers can watch at UHF Channel 39 or via the internet at KHBATV.COM.