Sheridan Meadows Camp Meeting

by Jon Dalrymple

This year the main meetings were held under a "new" tent.

Republic, Wash., July 30, 2010 -

Sheridan Meadows Camp Meeting

Over 400 hardy souls enjoyed camp meeting under a big new tent at Sheridan Meadows Adventist Retreat Center near Republic, Washington, July 27 through August 1, 2010. A new bathhouse with showers and restrooms was completed this year by camp meeting organizers just before the event began.

“The new tent is wonderful,” said Lisa Mandigo, of Republic. “It's much cooler and will hold a lot more people than the old parachute we used to meet under.”

The new tent was purchased for this year's camp meeting and can seat up to four hundred people. Sections can also be added to the tent to accommodate larger crowds as the camp meeting grows.

“I think this camp meeting will get much bigger once word gets out about that nice new bathhouse they built,” said Roscoe Howard, of Omak, Washington. “We saw it advertised in our bulletin and we're surprised that more of our church members aren't here.”

The new bathhouse includes restrooms and six private showers on the men's and women's side for a total of twelve showers.

“We had about fifteen people for a work bee to do the framing on the bathhouse,” said Bob Cain, who was involved in the construction. “Since then, it's been three or four of us that have been putting on the finishing touches. We haven't completely paid for it yet, but we're hoping for some good offerings this weekend that will help us meet the financial obligations.”

The building still needs siding, soffits, and some paint which will be completed in the next few weeks. Other than that, it is completely functional.

“This is such a beautiful setting to have a real camping camp meeting,” said Nona Melisted, of Inchelium, Washington. “It is so peaceful and quiet here in the trees and the meadow and the fellowship and the family atmosphere is wonderful. The kids love to play in the woods and it is such a safe place for them.”

Four churches in the area have been involved in the Sheridan Meadows Camp meeting and the purchase of the property since 2006. Sheridan Meadows Camp meeting was formerly Lost Lake Camp Meeting which began meeting 25 years ago.