Camp Meeting Packs the House

by Ken Wetmore

Dave Livermore shares from the platform in UCA gymnasium.

Spangle, Wash., 06/18/2011 - “Consumed with Christ,” it was the theme of the Upper Columbia Conference’s first extended camp meeting on the campus of Upper Columbia Academy. From the youngest children’s divisions to the adult seminars and speakers the call was heard and answered.

Shirley James arrived on Wednesday, stayed in the UCA girls’ dorm, and said she didn’t miss a single meeting from the 6:30 a.m. prayer room to the closing service in the evening.

“I’ve just taken it all in and it’s been such a blessing,” says James. “It’s been a renewing experience spiritually for me.”

UCC President Bob Folkenberg says that’s what he heard from many people, “People sense that God’s presence has been here and they are leaving more consumed with Christ.”

Folkenberg says he feels this first camp meeting on UCA’s campus has gone wonderfully. More than 2000 children and adults attended Sabbath services. Both the boys’ and girls’ dorms were packed and there were 45 tent sites and 70 RV sites according to Camp Meeting Director Jay Wintermeyer.

“We are really excited about camp meeting…turnout was better than we expected this year,” says Wintermeyer.

Walla Walla City Church Senior Pastor, Mark Etchell, says he hopes to see camp meeting continue and expand on the UCA campus.

“There’s a sense of camaraderie, there’s a sense of community that we have not gotten before,” says Etchell. “I’ve got a blessing just from seeing the excitement of my members who have been here who have been blessed. “

If you missed out on the blessing this year, make sure to be a part of the 2012 UCC camp meeting. Next year’s theme is “Consumed with His Cause” and will feature speakers John Bradshaw, Bob Folkenberg Sr., Dwight Nelson, and Mike Ryan.

A video slide show of this year's camp meeting is available online at Lodging registration for the 2012 camp meeting opens February 1, 2012.