Kids Have Fun with Jesus and Each Other

by Ken Wetmore

The “time machine” is used to bring in a Bible character.

It’s a day at the beach in Cradle Roll 1.

SPANGLE, Wash., 06/17/2011 -

Upper Columbia Academy campus has been transformed for camp meeting. There’s a pond, a construction zone, the seashore, even a time machine, and it’s all for the children. The children’s division leaders have gone all out to help their kids learn more about Jesus.

In the primary tent, leaders have built a “time machine” that transports Bible characters into the tent for the children to interview.

“The time machine is the funnest thing,” said one 9 year-old girl. “We did an interview on one of the pastors and we did the prayer warrior thing.”

In Kindergarten the kids get to splash around in God’s nature in a “pond.” Over at Cradle Roll 1 there is a seashore for them and at Cradle Roll 2 there is a large “construction zone” for kids to play and learn about building their lives with Jesus.

An 11 year-old boy in the Junior room said he thinks his leaders are awesome. “It’s cool and really fun. We made model airplanes!”

Children’s division program times and locations can be found on this website.