More Than a Parking Lot Sale

by Kathy Marson

The Happy Money Changers!

Spokane, Wash., June, 4, 2012 -

He's Alive Television has made an interesting impact into the community with a first-time-ever, yard sale.

"You figure you can try anything once, and when Doug Cameron offered to plan a huge yard sale for the TV station, we jumped at the chance," says Kathy Marson, chairman of the board. "We did not know what to expect because we had never done this before."

Many truck loads of items converged at the Staples Parking lot where the sale was held. Donations from many individuals were picked up by board members and or stored at churches and brought to the site of the sale. Held over Memorial Day Weekend on Sunday and Monday. It wasn't just a large sale. There were more than 25 tables, racks and grocery carts. There were tires, garden supplies, clothing, books, DVDs, furniture, electronics, pretty much like a full second hand store full of items.

"I think the ministry that happened was great," says Marson. "When they were checking out, we offered them a free book, The Great Controversy, and most people took it.  We also offered them a post card sharing He's Alive Television and how to watch it." Several people asked volunteers how to pick up the station and one of the volunteers received several Bible study leads.

You never know the impact of introducing 100s of people to a Christian Broadcasting Station with four channels of spirit-filled programming. Some of the shoppers, lifted items and even ran away with items, but the volunteers pray that they will think about the ministry of He's Alive Broadcasting and watch the channels. Perhaps their lives will be changed forever.

And the outcome of the yard sale for the station was monumental. The total raised in two days was $5,700 dollars. Many of the items left will bless Teen Challenge and other items will be sold at another sale this summer. Station Manager, Joe Stanfill, had the distinct privilege of serving as a security guard for the massive sale on Saturday and Sunday nights along with Jeff Moore. When asked if they thought we should hold another sale next year, the answer was, "yes!"