East Wenatchee Members Head East

by Shannon Fisher, communication leader for Cascade Christian Academy

Steve and Suzanne Day

Steve and Suzanne Day, members of the East Wenatchee Seventh-day Adventist Church in Upper Columbia Conference, have headed east some 2,300 miles from their home in Washington State to reach out to a dark county.

They are operating Home for Health Lifestyle Center in Stanton, Ken. The Lifestyle Center was originally under the control of the non-denominational organization Hallelujah Acres, but is now being run as a supportive Seventh-day Adventist ministry. They are dedicated to helping educate people on how to overcome sickness through natural means and lifestyle modification.

Since their arrival, they have seen the Lord's hand move in mighty ways. For example, a local newspaper wrote an article on the ministry that was later picked up by dozens of papers across the state. Then, there was the meeting that had been arranged for Steve to address the ministers in their county, which resulted in invitations to speak in multiple non-Adventist churches. They have also seen a wonderful outpouring of support and interest by the local community.

The Day's became medical missionaries in 2001 and have been anxious to find the ideal place to run a health ministry. "It has taken a few years to find exactly where the Lord would place, but this opportunity came up after much prayer, yet abruptly, as if out-of-the-blue. We know the Lord set this up and have seen wonderful results working with some of the most difficult illnesses" said Steve.