Open House for Frieda's Healing Center

by Kathy Marson

Mable Dunbar and Linda Schultz, friends for 30 years!

Looking down on the living room at Frieda's.

Grace Pellot talking with Bob Folkenberg, Jr.

Spokane, Wash., March 11, 2010 - An Open House for Frieda’s Healing Center was held March 7, 2010. A house became a home, and this home is now a healing center serving women who need a place to heal, regroup and renew their emotional health following domestic abuse.

Gathered at the Open House in March, many recounted the ways God has intervened to make this center a reality. Bob Folkenberg, president of Upper Columbia Conference held a prayer of dedication and said he supports the work Mable Dunbar is doing through the Women’s Healing and Empowerment (WHE) Network, and wants to do what he can to keep it strong.

“Who would’ve thought 30 years ago that we’d be here together at Frieda’s Healing Center,” recounted Linda Schultz. Both Linda and Mable Dunbar were next-door-neighbors when their husbands attended the ministerial seminary at Andrews University. And now they both live and work in the Spokane area in counseling and healing ministries.

Healing is what the WHE Network is all about, providing healing and empowerment to those who have been abused. Currently they operate Patty’s, Ellen’s and Frieda’s healing centers. When women and children find themselves in an abusive situation, they can call the WHE Network for support. (877) 276-5597.

The WHE Network also educates the whole church by offering volunteer training, education on abuse prevention and recovery programs and crisis counseling. Each year they conduct the national “Being There Conference” that provides a healing experience for men, women, and young adults who have been abused, are abusive or caregivers for individuals dealing with abuse issues.

The WHE Network (formerly Polly’s Place Network: International ministries) was founded in June, 2003, by Mable Dunbar as a response to the growing need for programs and services to address the issues of domestic violence and sexual abuse in the faith community.