An Interview With Mark Finley

by Ken Wetmore

Mark Finley is the speaker for Friday night and Sabbath morning.

Spangle, Wash., 06/17/2011 - Mark Finley is a former speaker/director of It Is Written (1991–2004). He currently serves as an assistant to the president for the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and is the featured speaker for campmeeting. Elder Finley shares his thoughts with UCC website readers on campmeetings, being consumed with Christ, and what he hopes listeners this weekend will know and do after hearing his messages.

UCC: Are campmeetings important?

Elder Finley:They are vitally important. Campmeetings provide a sense of unity for the church. They provide a sense of deeper spirituality. They provide a sense of training, motivation. So I think they are important to deepen spiritual experience. I think they are important to continue to reinforce the teachings of the Adventist Church, the Biblical teachings, and I think they are important to bring the Church to unity. When you look at Israel, for example, Israel experienced the feast days, and these were like campmeetings for Israel and they continued to reinforce Israel’s identity and I think campmeetings reinforce Adventist identity.

UCC:What does being “Consumed with Christ” mean to you?

Elder Finley:It means to know Christ intimately. To have a personal living experience with Jesus both in prayer and in His Word and to share Him passionately. One cannot be consumed with Christ without having the desire to share Christ. So all revival leads to mission, evangelism, and witness.

UCC:What do you want people to know and do after hearing your messages this weekend?

Elder Finley:I want people to walk away from the sermons knowing that there is a much deeper experience spiritually that God has for them, desiring to pursue that experience, and making a conscious choice to be everything that God wants them to be. I really have designed these two messages so that people are moved to a deeper experience in both prayer and Bible study and motivated to be actively involved using the gifts that God has given them in witness.