UCC Camp Meeting 2009

Hearts on Fire

[College Place] June 21, 2009

The Upper Columbia Camp Meeting began with beautiful choir music Friday evening June 19, 2009, followed by a stirring sermon by Elder Ron Clouzet, from Andrews University, in which he encouraged people to let God awaken them and live through them.
The theme of the camp meeting weekend was From Flicker to Flame--Letting Jesus Light Your Life. Often there are long time Christians who express a desire to get back the passion they had as a new Christian. They feel that their fire for Christ has diminished--sometimes to a mere flicker. So this weekend was designed to help people rekindle their love for Jesus and teach people how to truly live through His power.

In addition to Clouzet, the worship speakers for the weekend included Hope Channel president, Brad Thorp and the new Upper Columbia Conference president, Bob Folkenberg, Jr. Folkenberg spoke to a packed Walla Walla University Church on Sabbath morning for the main service. His sermon was titled Firefly or Forest Fire and reflected his passion for lifestyle evangelism.

"I feel that Camp Meeting is such an important event for people who are serious about doing God's work," says Folkenberg. "Camp Meeting not only gives us an opportunity to re-focus on the mission we have for these end times but it's also like a spiritual fruit smoothie full of vitamins and beta carotenes that help boost our faith and commitment to God."

On Sabbath afternoon 11 seminars were held that included topics such as, How to Make a Friend Out of a Stranger, Disaster Preparedness, Health Ministry in Our Church, How to Effectively Disciple Kids, and Bible Study Boot Camp.

A concert by Charles Haugabrooks was also part of the Sabbath Afternoon programming. His fun and lively singing style combined with classic and inspirational songs created a musical feast that people of all ages enjoyed. "You can really tell that he enjoys singing and sharing the love of God," said Nona Melisted who attended the.

For those who were not able to attend the UCC Camp Meeting, the main programs were streamed live for web viewing. The programs are available to listen to online at www.uccsda.org/campmeeting and audio CDs of the seminars are available for sale at the Adventist Book Center in Spokane and College Place. For more information about these you can call the ABC at 509-838-3168.