Auburn Seniors Learn Blessings of Tithing

Auburn Academy class of 2008.

The Auburn Academy class of 2008 made a commitment to tithe all of the funds they raised for their class.

[July 8, 2008] Source: Auburn Academy/Gleaner Online

Auburn Adventist Academy's class of 2008 decided as sophomores to tithe on all the money that was earned through fundraising. Class sponsor, Tom Allen, and class treasurer, Melissa McCormick, talked about the idea of tithing class profits and then presented the concept to class officers who unanimously voted in favor of tithing. "We were able to have ended the year with extra money, fully cover the class trip, and have successful fundraisers," says McCormick. "This decision has impacted us (as a class) more than in just financial ways but also that God has really blessed our class by helping us get along great as a class and blessing all four years. It's a good feeling to honor God because it's God who provides for us."

Sponsor Allen agrees that following what God says about tithing in the Bible is important and really makes a difference. Out of the ten classes he has sponsored, two have chosen to make the decision to tithe. "Some classes were not committed (to tithing the money they earned) and seemed to always be behind and were in debt and never made profit," says Allen. "But the two (1998 & 2008) that did tithe have always made profit and came out on top."

This major decision brought much success and accomplishment alongside abundant blessings from God. "Each class at AAA raises money," observes Jerry Russell , Washington Conference's vice president for finance. "When the senior class decided to tithe on the money they fundraised, the result was amazing. They never lacked for funds for any of their activities." Truly, the biblical teaching of "tithing everything" (Lev. 27:30) has played a prominent role in the success of Auburn Adventist Academy's 2008 graduating class.