Women's Retreat Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Three friends at UCC women's retreat.

Three friends enjoy a special moment at the Upper Columbia Conference Women's Retreat at Camp MiVoden. The retreat is now celebrating it's 20th anniversary.

[Spokane] October 27, 2008, Source: GleanerNow

By Kathy Marson

A lot of ministry has happened in 20 years at Christian Women’s Retreats. And this year, for one lady, the theme of the weekend was planned especially for her by God. She said “the speaker had the background to help her with exactly what she needed at this time of her life.”

Many would echo her sentiments, as this hallmark weekend had a special focus on health. More than 20 retreats have happened in Upper Columbia Conference, but this was the 20th year of consecutive Women’s Retreat to be held in UCC. Over 150 women were given tools to learn how to be healthy and prosper; and how to be a blessing to others when they experience adversity.

The Friday night presentation was by Dr. Shelley Theil who is an Ear, Nose and Throat surgeon in Pasco, Washington. She also held “Ask the Doctor” workshops on Sabbath. A story of transformation from a compulsive eating and sugar addiction was shared on Sabbath by Constance Corbett who is a pastors wife from the Spokane Valley Adventist Church. Other workshops taught health transformation, healthy relationships, healthy attitudes and gave instruction in healthy food preparation, allowing the ladies to taste some great recipes.