Three Homes Donated to Women's Ministry

Patty MaloshPatty Malosh was a volunteer for Polly's Place Network before she passed away in 2007. The new women's shelters will be named after her.


[Spokane] November 3, 2008, Source: Upper Columbia Conference

By Kathy Marson

The Women's Healing and Empowerment Network (formerly Polly's Place Network) received a donation of three homes for use as women's shelters in Spokane. The homes are an answer to prayer and an answer to a felt need in the Spokane area. Since Cookies Retreat relocated to College Place, Washington, there is a great need for women's healing centers in the Spokane area for this purpose.

The new centers will be called Patty's Healing Centers in honor of Patty Malosh a volunteer for the ministry who passed away recently. When Patty needed a place to heal from domestic abuse and through her fight with cancer, Cookies Retreat was there for her. Now there will again be a place for women who need a place of hope, healing and empowerment to make new start.