Oregon Flood Relief Volunteers Needed

Belongings sit outside a home in Vernonia, typical of the many sites needing extra volunteer help in the aftermath of the flooding. Photo courtesy Liesl Vistaunet[December 17, 2007] Source: Oregon Conference, Rhonda Whitney, Community Services Director

The Red Cross is pulling out from the flooded areas in Oregon and asking other groups to get involved. Our church members are frantic to be active, therefore the Oregon Conference community services department has set up a number for people who need their houses mucked to call and register for help. Trisha Ballard and Greta Pellecer will match those requests with volunteer teams.

The Southern Baptist relief organization has traditionally done this work in the south, so if they show up here in Oregon we will send our teams to work with them.

Special thanks to Greta, Trish and the Ministerial Department of the Oregon Conference for helping to make this happen.

If you'd like to volunteer, note the number below for Greta Pellecer, volunteer coordinator.

If you are a flood victim, and need your home mucked, call Trisha Ballard at the number below.

These numbers should be active Monday-Thursday, between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.


Greta Pellecer, Volunteer Coordinator


Trisha Ballard, Mucking Help Request Line

Our Adventist Community Services (ACS) department has a special request ...

We need a volunteer to take pictures and write stories for the media. If you can help us with that, please call Rhonda Whitney or Linda Schrader at 503-850-3500.

Negotiations for setting up a warehouse are ongoing. FEMA and the state are working out details, but requests are beginning to come for supplies. The state surplus department will supply equipment to run the warehouse and will donate surplus goods for disaster victims when there is a warehouse to store it. All of this will put added pressure on the state to allow us to open.