Teens Pitch In

by Kathy Marson

Moving is easier with the help of Teen Pathfinders
Teen Pathfinders can get a wide variety of work done with all their energy and enthusiasm.
Older teens help split wood. 
Part of the teens at the warehouse. 
Never underestimate the power of a group of teens. 
Part of an assembly line moving the wood from point A to B.. 

BREWSTER, Wash., March 25, 2015  -  The Pathfinder Teen Mission Adventure began this week in Brewster.

Teens fanned out all over the area to assist with cleanup from the damaging fires that destroyed many homes and burned through acerage the size of the State of Connecticut.

On Monday they assisted the principal at Brewster Adventist Christian School move the majority of his family stored items from the storage facility to his new home. The McCombs have been looking for a home since the fire (Central Complex Fire) burnt the one that they were about to get in July.  John McCombs had just arrived last July as the new school principal.

On Monday and Tuesday, they had two groups painting the interior of Brewster school.  Two more groups are fast at work helping around the site of Merlin Ekvall's former home picking up debris and cutting up dead trees. Another group is working on siding the Hispanic church. Other teams are working around Lake Alta.  They are engaged in trash removal, delimbing felled trees, cutting those trees in to rounds, splitting the wood and stacking it.  The cords of wood will be distributed to the needy of Brewster and Pateros. 

With the rain on Tuesday, they assisted Cindy Cook with sorting clothes and later going back out for clean up and tree removal.




More as news is received.