New App to Locate Adventist Churches

Install this app on your iPhone or Android to find the nearest Adventist Church.

SPOKANE, Wash., August 25, 2011 - Have you ever been on vacation and wanted to find a local church on Sabbath? How about trying to find easy driving directions to a new school?

If you have a mobile device that uses the Android or Apple operating platform you don’t have to stop for directions any more. Upper Columbia Conference is proud to announce the release of a new mobile Adventist directory app.

The app helps you quickly locate Adventist churches, schools and institutions. You can easily find the nearest Adventist organizations based on your current location. The app provides basic phone and web contact information in addition to providing directions to a specific site.

The dual platform app currently provides information on Adventist organizations in portions of Oregon, Idaho and Washington. It is capable of adding information from other Adventist conferences in North America upon request. If you live outside the Upper Columbia Conference, ask your conference office to add their information to the app.

To install the app, just go to the Android Market or iTunes and search for SDA Finder.