Something's Bugging Me!

by Jeff Wines, Bruce Christensen and Ashley Silva

An aeriel view of Camp MiVoden on Hayden Lake.

HAYDEN LAKE, Idaho -- March 20, 2017 --  If you’ve been watching the news or reading the newspaper you probably have heard that bed bugs have found their way to the Northwest. Thanks to international travel, shipping and the use of less toxic pesticides, bed bugs have made a comeback. You may have heard that they even found their way to Camp MiVoden.

Yes, it is true, sometime in the spring of 2016, bed bugs were brought to camp. We discovered them once summer camp was well under way. As you can imagine, this was a big challenge to deal with.

The good news is that, as of today, we no longer have bed bugs at MiVoden!

Here’s what we did to get rid of them. First, we immediately called our pest control company and evacuated the one building that had the little critters.  The pest control company came in and treated the building.  The process takes a little over two weeks.

Once the building was treated, we began looking for bugs and didn’t find any. Toward the end of the summer we moved staff and campers back into the building. However, we soon discovered that the bed bugs had not been eradicated.  Again, we consulted with the pest control company who immediately came out and treated the entire building.

This time, we decided to leave the entire building vacant and just use our other buildings in order to make sure that the bed bugs where gone. In January, believing that the bed bugs where eradicated, we had the Teen Pathfinder retreat at MiVoden.  That’s when we discovered that we still had more work to do.

This was getting crazy and we were getting extremely frustrated and then we found out that another building also had bed bugs.  Not sure where to turn, we began researching everything we could about bed bugs. That is when we found out the following:

•          We’re not alone. Bed bugs are making their way to lodging establishments throughout the Inland Northwest - renters, hospitals, restaurants and libraries - as was reported last fall in the official paper for Spokane Wash., the Spokesman-Review.

•          Hotels and other establishments are dealing with bed bugs daily as is evidenced by websites such as which tell you what hotels currently have bed bugs.

•          This last fall I had a phone call from another camp, which was also dealing with the same problem.

•          I also found out that some of our sister Adventist camps have also dealt with bed bugs. Their experience pointed us to tried and true methods to eradicate bed bugs.

After all that research, the good news is that WE ARE NOW BED BUG FREE!  This spring we hired a new company that uses a heat-treating method and chemicals to completely destroy the bed bugs in both buildings.  We are grateful we now have a proven method to take care of these little pests, should someone bring them back to our campus in the future.

We look forward to campers enjoying the great out of doors, connecting with each other and our staff, and growing their relationship with God at Camp MiVoden this summer.  Thank you for supporting Camp MiVoden and the ministry that we do to reach young people for Gods Kingdom.