Pathfinder Bible Experience: One Team's Story

by Tony Phillips

Two of the three division-level teams in Prescott, Arizona. Pend Oreille Valley Wildcats, Ponderosa Pathfinders, and Wind Valley Arrows (not in picture)—all placed first.

SPOKANE, Wash., November 10, 2016  -  One Pathfinder Bible Experience team’s story stood out last year. I won’t name the team but perhaps you remember their story.

In early November the coach learned of the Pathfinder Bible Experience. The program intrigued her so much that she gathered a group of seven Pathfinders together to form a team (six can play during an event and the seventh is an alternate).

The coach prepared study materials and a schedule, and then invited church members to sit with the team on Sabbath afternoon testing them over their assigned lessons for the previous week. Church members got behind the team.  As the team poured themselves into their individual sections she had them memorize passages of scripture. After studying for a while one team member even recited, from memory, a full chapter from his studies during the Sabbath morning worship experience.

They met twice a week for study sessions, Wednesdays and Sabbath afternoons. As you can imagine relationships among team members strengthened as did the relationships between church members and the team.  All of this became evident when the coach could not make one of the study sessions.  She told the team they would need to skip a session. The team responded with the big question, “Why?” With all the available surrogate teachers, the church members who were helping, why couldn’t one of them manage the study session? A church member stepped up to the challenge and the team met for the session.

The team went on to place first at district, conference, union and then the division-level event in Arizona! Were they, the team, the coach, and the church ever excited by the experience! Imagine how you might have felt knowing you just helped a group of young people store up the Word of God in their hearts. What a tremendous blessing!

This season teams of Pathfinders across the USA, Canada, and Great Britain are storing in their hearts the books of Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, 1 Timothy, and 2 Timothy along with the SDA Bible Commentary theme section for each book in anticipation of a trip to Grand Rapids, Michigan for the division-level event on April 21-22, 2017. Your district event is scheduled for January 14 (talk with your area coordinator to confirm the date). Our conference PBE will be held at Richland SDA Church on February 18. The union event is scheduled for March 11, at Walla Walla University Church.

If you haven’t pulled a group of your Pathfinders together to form a team it is not too late. Imagine helping church members build positive mentoring relationships with young people that will impact each for a lifetime. Don’t be shy about asking your church members to help you prepare a team for the challenge of the Pathfinder Bible Experience.

If you have questions about how to get started give your area coordinator a call.

Tony Phillips is currently the UCC PBE Coordinator. 

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