Teaching Children

by Kathy Marson

Ginny Allen was the opening speaker on Thursday. Surrounded by God's amazing critters, she teaches how pray for and encourage children. 

PORTLAND, Ore., October 5, 2015  -  Train up a child in the way that they should go and when they are old they will not depart from it.

Child educators and Sabbath School leaders from Upper Columbia Conference and all over the North Pacific Union Conference gathered in Portland, Oregon, to learn how to reach children for Jesus.

Amid the many inspiring messages was a camera and a man with a plan. Todd Gesele with Totaly INSPIRED Media captured much of the inspiration on video. Now you, too, can learn from Tina Houser, Faith Hunter, Ginny Allen, Dan Linrud, Jackie Bishop and Terry Johnson.

Here are links to the programs

Here are the links to the North Pacific Union's Children's Leadership Conference's Presenter Videos. They are now online, on-demand. Feel free to share and to post on NPUC websites. Recorded by Totally INSPIRED Media INC.

01- NPUC Children's Leadership Conference- Ginny Allen (Thursday) 

02- NPUC Children's Leadership Conference- Dan Linrud (Thursday) 

03- NPUC Children's Leadership Conference - Terry Johnson ENGLISH (Friday) 

03- NPUC Children's Leadership Conference- Terry Johnsson SPANISH (Friday) 

04- NPUC Children's Leadership Conference- Jackie Bishop ENGLISH (Friday) 

05- NPUC Children's Leadership Conference- Faith Hunter ENGLISH (Friday) 

06- NPUC Children's Leadership Conference- Tina Houser ENGLISH (Friday) 

07-NPUC Children's Leadership Conference (ENGLISH)- Tina Houser INTERMISSION (FR) 

08-NPUC Children's Leadership Conference (ENGLISH)- Tina Houser Sabbath School (SAT MORNING)