60th GC Session Begins

Inside the Alamo Dome
The look and feel of San Antonio.
In the exhibit hall a bronze sculpture of Ellen White in an old wagon makes one stop and take a second look. 
Watch a video by Pastor Eric Brown of the first day of the event, here is one screen capture from the video. https://vimeo.com/132497341. 

SAN ANTONIO, Texas,   July 2, 2015  -  Thousands of Adventists have descended upon San Antonio for the 60th world church business session. Some have characterized this meeting as the largest and longest ever held in the city's history.

More than 60,000 are expected to attend during the 10-day event. Twenty-one delegates represent the North Pacific Union. Two of those delegates, Max Torkelsen and Gene Heinrich, have been placed on the General Conference nominating committee that will recommend names for all world church and division leadership throughout the course of the session. 

Today's Highlights

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Thank you for keeping this important world event in your prayers.