Kilgore Pastoral Ministry Affirmed

by Jay Wintermeyer

Ryan and Jennifer Kilgore celebrated the special day with their entire family. Here they are with Ryan's family.
Paul Hoover, Upper Columbia Conference president, presents Ryan Kilgore's ministry credentials. 
Liam Kilgore, read the scripture reading for his Dad's ordination ceremony.

Brewster, Wash., October 29, 2014  - Surrounded by collegues, family and mentors, Pastor Ryan Kilgore was ordained for ministry in the Seventh-day Adventish Church, October 4, 2014 in Brewster, Wash. in a ceremony that highlighted God's patient calling.

"I am humbled and honored to be here today," said Ryan. "In fact, I'm a little bit surprised to be here right now...In the last 12 or 13 years God has brought me over and over to places that I did not expect to find myself and He has revealed to me things that I was not looking for."

Ryan was born in Bismark, North Dakota and grew up in a Christian home on the campus of Auburn Adventist Academy. After dropping out of college, he began working in the computer industry in Seattle. His life at the time had little room for God. God, however, had plans for Ryan. As Ryan recounted his journey during the service, he said, "Something inside tugged at me and urged me to go to church. I didn't know even then that I was looking for God. I can't come up with any satisfying answer for why it was that Jenn and I sheepishly snuck into the back of an Adventist church in Seattle for the first time on one cold Sabbath morning."

Ryan and his girlfriend, Jennifer, experienced a damatic conversion in 2003. Ryan and Jennifer were married later that same same year. At that time, Ryan began to sense a call not only to serve God, but to do so through ministry. "This is what God does," Ryan said. "He surprises us. Sometimes He is quiet when we think He should be speaking. Sometimes He makes His presence known when we don't want Him around." In 2004, Ryan and Jennifer quit their jobs in Seattle and moved to College Place, Wash. where Ryan completed his bachelor's degre in theology at Walla Walla University. He began serving as an associate pastor in 2007 under the leadership of Ole Olesen in the Milton-Blue Mountain Valley church district in northeastern Oregon. After graduation, the couple moved to Berrien Springs, Mich. so Ryan could complete his master of divinity at Andrews University.

Today Ryan and Jennifer and their two sons are serving in Brewster and Chelan, Wash. At the close of his comments during the ordination service, Ryan said, "I choose to hold on to the instruction of God and to follow whatever surprising call He may make in my life until the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ."