What Does the Bible Say?

Spokane, Wash., September 12, 2013 -  Bible students looking for a quick way to synthesize what the Bible teaches on a specific topic are now able to find this online. A new series of 90-second video's, with an over-arching title of, Did You Know, has been put together by the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists, this series presents biblical truth through a story or simple concept such as a visual object lesson.

Some of the topics include, "Did you know that God speaks to us through the Bible?" "Did you know the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit co-exist as one eternal God?" And "Did you know you can be totally free?" These questions and many more are answered both through the video and Bible verses.

Visit the web site for the complete series: mywaytojesus.com. You can find the Bible verses and a bible study guide for that specific topic.