The Unsung Heroes of Camp Meeting

by Shirlene Stahl

The Security team has been excellent!

Spangle, Wash., June 22, 2013 - As I traverse the campus, little things have caught my eye. Yes, camp meeting is about people and the awesome speakers but there are others who make these days great as well.

The Info Registration Team – They keep us organized and if they don’t know that answer, they will find out who knows.
The Shuttle Drivers – what would we do without them?
Security – those who stay up ALL night to keep us safe.
The Audio/Video Team – a group of talented, patient people who know how to keep up with a speaker!
Social Media – a team that is letting others experience camp meeting from home or a room in the Ad building.
Food Service – what a team! I saw them busily preparing our meals for us.
Housekeepers – they are the ones who keep all the indoor restrooms and showers clean.
Ministry Volunteers – we enjoy the information that they share!
Our Pastors – for taking time to set up everything and middle of the night airport runs.
ABC – we are thankful they brought the store to us.
Prayer Partners – what a blessing!
Seminar helpers – You are awesome!
For all you do - WE THANK YOU!!!