The Blessings of Camp Meeting

by Shirlene Stahl

One mother said, "My kids just love their class. They are eexcited every time we go!"Many enjoy their programs
One way to get from point A to B.

Spangle, Wash., June 21,  -  Wet seats on shuttle vehicles, rain showers, wind blowing, mud puddles, umbrellas, blankets and warm coats equal camp Meeting, 2013. We are being blessed in spite of the weather and smiles can be seen everywhere you walk and/or ride. As I walked through the on-campus ABC, I found people reading; kids watching a music DVD; teens working on a quiz to win a prize; live music; and all kind of ministries sharing. The Kindergarten class is going to Athens for some Bible fun and rumors are that Dinosaurs and Dragons are in the Library. Yes, the first days of camp meeting have been fun, full of sharing, and we have been blessed.

I asked several people some questions, "What do you like about campmeeting?"
All of it! – Noe Busto, age 13
Being here with my grandson – Vonnie Olesen
Seeing friends who I haven’t seen for a while – Gina Raynow
Nothing – Cooper, age 3 (who just woke up from a nap)
Helping – Cian & Jennifer
Adventure – Denise J
What did you leave at home that you wish you had now?
Pillow! – Noe Busto
More umbrellas – Vonnie Olesen
Warm Clothes – Cooper’s Mom & Pastor Greg
Sleeping pad – Grace S
If you want to like camp meeting come on down to Spangle. We hear that the rain may stop! For more information go to