AdventistLive Junior Academy

by Jay Wintermeyer

SPOKANE, Wash., August 11, 2011 -

Are you a high school freshman or sophomore? Would you like to participate in Adventist education, but don’t have access to a school near you with 9th and 10th grades? Are you homeschooled? Do you go to public school or a local Christian school? AdventistLIVE Junior Academy can serve you!

AdventistLIVE exists to provide access to Adventist education for any 9th or 10th grade students who desire to obtain an accredited, Adventist education no matter where they live. Using interactive video to virtually include students in the classrooms of UCC teachers in schools such as Yakima Adventist Christian School and Palisades Christian School, students can receive a quality education by certified and experience Adventist teachers from around the Conference. Students may wish to take one course, such as the freshman or sophomore Bible classes (one each year taught solely online so students can take the course regardless of their school schedule), or enroll in a full course of study. In either case, students receive credit and grades for all courses they complete.

AdventistLIVE courses are reasonably priced. Each course costs $250/semester + necessary books and/or lab fees. Grades and credits are given by Upper Columbia Conference Office of Education and are transferable to any school.

To get more information, contact Shelley Bacon, Distance Learning Coordinator, at 509-684-1005 or, or Jim Mason, UCC Education Associate at 509-242-0354. You may register for classes on the UCC website at

Available Classes

Ninth Grade Classes:Tenth Grade Classes:
Bible IBible II
English IEnglish II
Algebra IAlgebra II
Northwest HistoryNorthwest History
Spanish ISpanish I
Computer ApplicationsComputer Applications