Maranatha Announces Weekly Television Program

Dick Duerksen has been the host of the Maranatha Mission Stories television show since its first episode.  He is a master storyteller and telling the stories of mission for all age groups helps people better understand what God is doing all over the world.[June 6, 2007] Maranatha Volunteers International will air a new weekly television program beginning this May on Hope Channel. Maranatha Mission Stories “goes in-depth to bring the people and projects of volunteering to life,” according to its producers. The show airs at 8 p.m. Eastern time on the Sabbath, or Saturday.

“Maranatha is about building people, and the show portrays that by bringing the audience along to Mozambique, Ecuador, India and many other places around the globe where volunteers are working to better the lives of thousands,” says Kyle Fiess, Maranatha vice president for marketing and projects.

Maranatha Mission Stories, which has aired for two years as a monthly 30-minute segment, will now deliver new stories each week. Host Dick Duerksen, a veteran Adventist communicator, takes the viewer on a weekly journey to discover what it means to help those in need.

Maranatha Volunteers International is a non-profit Christian organization that constructs urgently needed churches and schools across the world.