EGW Estate Launches New Web Magazine for Kids

The EGW estate website has a great new look for kids. It is a fun interactive site with lots to learn from one of the founders and leaders of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Source (Adventist Review)

[May 21, 2007] The Ellen G. White Estate in Silver Spring, Maryland, has posted a new electronic magazine for children ages 9-14.

Called Ellen White Visionary for Kids (Ve.Z), the e.Zine is now online. The current issue can be accessed at A new issue will be posted quarterly.

Included in the magazine are kid-friendly Adventist heritage features and pictures, stories authored by youth, a question-and-answer corner, as well as puzzles, mazes, and other interactive-learning activities. Kids will receive $25 for their published articles, stories and drawings. Visit the site to check out the guidelines for submissions.

This electronic magazine is the first segment of a sub-site for kids, linked from the menu found on the home page of Children under 15 are targeted in this first phase of an Ellen G. White Estate-sponsored youth Web site.