Horific Weather for Five-District Pathfinder Jamboree

October, 2009

Jamboree Photo

Pastor Wayne Hicks shares with Jamboree campers.

You would think that after camping over ten days in August most of those days spent in the sweltering heat of Wisconsin and perhaps in the hail storm or rain storm of South Dakota that the last thing on Pathfinders minds would be another campout. Bring it on!!! September 18-20 was the date for the Five District Jamboree in Dry Falls at Sun Lakes State Park. This time the coordinators were in charge and Chief Rain Cloud of UCC (Pastor Wayne Hicks) was the speaker. The district coordinators: Carolyn Bullock, Frosty Cross, Imogene Thomas, John Wenger - head coordinator, and Darrell Janke for the five districts respectively: Blue Mountain; Columbia Basin, East Cascade; North Lakes and Snake River were running the show and had invited Pastor Wayne Hicks to speak.

Over 25 clubs engaged in what can only be termed as a fabulous and heroic event. This was a fabulous event because Pathfinders were once again joined together to camp and would hear Chief Rain Cloud expound on the wonders of Jesus in an amphitheater that had the starry skies for a ceiling on Friday night. Blue skies were there to greet the Pathfinders when they woke Sabbath morning and heard more about Jesus during Sabbath School and Worship. Fabulous ... Seventy-one souls requested baptism and many more announced their decision to follow Jesus . Fabulous again because we celebrated two baptisms Paul and Sarah Batuik of the Athena Blue Mountain Eagles were baptized on Sabbath afternoon in what could only be termed as highly inclement weather - high winds and crashing waves Pastor Richard Parker and Pastor Wayne Hicks performed the baptisms.

Heroic in the fact that many clubs had to leave for home late Saturday evening because the winds were so horrific that sleeping tents and dining tents were destroyed by large branches that were torn from trees by the high winds long before the evenings programs were cancelled. Heroic still that Sunday morning the survivors lived to tell the story; hear the rest of the story from Pastor Hicks; participate in Sunday's community service projects for the forest rangers and the to engage in a water contest that would challenge their creative and athletic abilities: The Milk Jug Boat Race. This was an activity that encouraged pathfinders to bring all the materials for building a milk jug boat; assemble it on the grounds shortly before the race; place a crew on board and race the craft. Chief Rain Cloud expressed that it was a superb job executed by his district coordinators.

by Cheryl Wallace