Amazing Facts and 3ABN to Merge Ministries

Doug Batchelor is the director of Amazing Facts.Source: Adventist News network

[May 7, 2007] Amazing Facts and Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN) announced on April 19 plans to unite the two international Christian media ministries. The boards of directors of both ministries are exploring the venture, which will join both ministries under a new board and create a more efficient and economical platform for global evangelism, according to Amazing Facts president Doug Batchelor. "We're really excited about this ... opportunity to communicate the good news of Jesus Christ," he said. While the ministries work out a number of organizational details, both will continue regular operations. For more than 40 years, Amazing Facts has provided a strong ministry through outreach training, publishing, radio and TV broadcasts, Bible schools and an online ministry. 3ABN's first broadcast was in 1986 and now its programming is available via satellite in every inhabited continent. For more information on the merge, see [Amazing Facts/ANN Staff]