It's Worth It to Support Positive Life Radio

by Kathy Marson

Volunteers are the heart of Sharathon. It wouldn’t happen without them.

Don Godman, morning host for Positive Life Radio Network, shakes it up in phone central.

October 5, 2011 -

The fall Sharathon for the Positive Life Radio Network brought in faith promises of over $617,000. Despite hard financial times, listeners from all over the urban and rural areas of Upper Columbia Conference called to show their support of this ministry.

By the end of Sharathon, KGTS, in College Place, was at $191,000, KPLW, Wenatchee, raised $105,000, Yakima (KYPL) netted $90,000, Spokane’s KEEH had $227,000, and the Webcast brought in $4,000 in promised funds.

Afternoon host, Kevin Krueger, loves the stories, “It is absolutely incredible to talk with listeners who call in to make a pledge and hear how God is using Positive Life Radio in their life,” he said, “Hearing their stories has changed my life.”

One such story came to Darin Patzer, station manager for KEEH, from a lady who won tickets on-air. She shared that her one-and-a-half-year-old son passed away after a short, brave battle with cancer. A few days later a friend gave her the Steven Curtis Chapman CD, Beauty will Rise, which was born out of his own grieving process for his child. She said, “That CD carried our family through many dark hours after losing our little boy. Knowing Steven walked through the same valley of death allowed the music to minister in a way no other music could.” When I heard Steven Curtis Chapman was coming in concert to our area, I doubted I was emotionally ready to hear his songs live. Apparently, God thinks I am.” This lady thanks PLR for being one of God’s instruments. She wrote, “Anyone who thinks God isn't into the small details isn't paying attention.”

Another heart-warming incident happened when a listener wanted to send a donation with her credit card. She said, “Just a minute, I’ll get my card.”

The phone volunteer heard the sounds of frozen food and the ting-ting of ice crackling. “Is your card in your freezer?” they asked.

She laughingly said, “Yes, it’s a long story. I put my card in the freezer to keep from using it.”

After a few quips about frozen assets, they both agreed Positive Life Radio is worth all the trouble it takes to thaw out a debit card.

Listeners continue to let us know that God is in the details for Positive Life Radio and well worth their donations. Faith promises continue to come in and the value of this ministry continues to climb as God’s hand in ours brings forth the amounts needed.