Camp Meeting Starts Strong

by Ken Wetmore

Rosalyn Reynolds, excited about camp meeting, in spite of the rain.

Rosalyn Reynolds and her husband setting up their tent

Bob Folkenberg Jr. praying with Pathfinders

Spangle, Wash., 06-15-2011 - There was wind. There was rain. There were smiles. Rosalyn Reynolds got soaked in a rain storm while putting up her tent but thought the new extended Upper Columbia Conference (UCC) campmeeting on the campus of Upper Columbia Academy was exciting. “I think it’s neat. It’s been 50 years since I graduated [from UCA] and this is cool. I’m looking forward to the fellowship and having Mark Finley here,” said Reynolds.

Pathfinders were on hand to greet and pray with attendees as they registered. Mean time pastors and UCC staff were busy setting up children’s divisions, registering attendees as they arrived, and helping them find their rooms and camping spots.

Upper Columbia Conference President, Bob Folkenberg Jr., says the afternoon registration went well and that there was a buzz from the excited attendees. “We’re a family and it’s great to get together at least once a year as a family,” said Folkenberg.

This year’s theme for campmeeting is “Consumed with Christ” and Folkenberg says he hopes on an individual and corporate level those who attend will be challenged through the speakers, prayer times, and Bible study to be more fully consumed with Christ and His cause.

The first program began at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday evening with speaker John Stanton preaching a sermon titled “A Matter of Engineering.” A full program can be found here.