Adventurers Tell His Story

by Cheryl Wallace

Adventurers visit with Jesus at one booth during Fun Day.

Fun crafts helped Adventurers learn the verses to "Tell Me the Story of Jesus."

Spokane, Wash., - Adventurers stepped outside “the box” Sabbath, April 24, 2010. Instead of having the expected UCC Adventurer Sabbath at a church, we held our Adventurer Sabbath on Canada Island in Spokane’s Riverfront Park.

Cars, vans, and a bus emptied their occupants at the northern most border of the park. Parents were given their instructions. Sabbath School would be a parent-child activity. Parents were instructed to read the GLOW brochures to their children and then scatter through the park and have the children hand them out to passersby. It was fabulous.

One leader expressed that, unlike older people, the Adventurers were undaunted when their literature was refused. They smiled and said thank you and looked for someone else to share these powerful tracts with.

After the outreach activity, 125 worshippers sat closely together to block out the blustering winds during song service. The worship that followed was wonderful. Byron Corbett reminded the Adventurers of how precious Jesus is to us and that HE was God’s best gift to give us. Many passing by stopped surprised to see so many children engaged in song, prayer, and worship. They listened to the sermon before continuing on their way.

After lunch the families went for a walk visiting points of interest like the falls. Later we left the park to visit the grounds of PCA – Palisades Christian Academy where parents and Adventurers participated in a track and trail through the woods bordering the campus. What a wonderful time was had walking around in nature – God’s second book. After the walk, Adventurers enjoyed a big frank roast with s’mores. Yummy.

During vespers that evening, the Pathfinder Coordinators engaged the Adventurers in a short worship that culminated in what they liked best about the day. Yes, the first respondent liked the food best. However I feel strongly that as they grow older it will be the spiritual things they remember and not the food.

Sunday awoke with sunny skies. Worship was held in the UCA gym with well over 200 attendees. Our theme this year was “Tell Me the Story of Jesus”. What a blessing! We chose the theme based on the song. We used all verses as the basis for our booths. After the welcome by Troy Patzer and our talk given by Rachel Singer – Pastor Hicks demonstrated that preaching with the right tools is so easy even a small child can do it. AMEN??? Amen! Immediately after the conclusion of the sermon it was Follow the Wayne Cloud March, then games by the Camp MiVoden staff before we opened the booths.

Pastor Wayne Hicks’ booth was Tell how the angels in chorus sang as they welcomed His birth, glory to God in the highest, peace and good tidings to earth. So each child was taught how to “Preach” this verse on a computer with a screen. When God choose them to go to the mission field, they will be familiar with this aspect. The Spokane Valley Trailblazers created a tomb out of Styrofoam. Tell of the grave where they laid Him. They had “Nicodemus” speak to the Adventures when they arrived at their booth. He told how hard it was for him to lay Jesus in Joseph’s new tomb. Then he explained how they wrapped Jesus and allowed the Adventurer to experience this. The Walla Walla Sunrise club did a biographical sketch of the lives of Fanny J. Crosby and John R. Sweeny. They also demonstrated how to write in Braille. Each of the booths were extremely Christ centric. Fasting along in the dessert was a hard image to convey since most Adventurers were not acquainted with thirst or fasting however the Othello Club did an excellent job.

The Spokane Central Club had each booth participant dress in costume has their acted in a play about bringing our burdens to Jesus. Richland Orcas were challenged to “Tell how He liveth again and they did so with a craft that showed Jesus rising from the earth and being covered with clouds.

Each children learned more about Jesus, was engaged and challenged to learn different things about the plan of salvation and thrilled to learn a new song!