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Children learned why the Sanctuary symbol pointed to Jesus.

Sharing God's Love

A VBS Uses Sanctuary Theme

by Jay Wintermeyer.

This year kids at the Valley View Adventist Church Vacation Bible School in East Wenatchee, Wash. explored and learned about the sanctuary. “Exploring the Sanctuary 2009” shared what God’s people were looking forward to when Jesus Christ came the first time.

To make it as real for the children as possible, a small-scale sanctuary, with furniture and accessories like those found in the Biblical Tabernacle, were recreated. The children were encouraged to explore and touch as part of the learning process.

Lessons, snacks, crafts, and outdoor games filled the evenings Monday through Thursday. The snacks followed the theme, introducing “a taste” of the Sanctuary with manna, unleavened bread, bitter and sweet foods along with an explanation of why these foods were significant.

On Thursday a pet chicken held the attention of the children. The chicken represented the poor people’s sacrifice. The child who owned the chicken shared with the other children how she might have felt if her chicken had to be sacrificed because of her sin or her family’s sin. All were relieved that we no longer need to do this. It gave a new meaning to the importance of obedience and Jesus dying for our sins.

Friday evening parents were invited to come and Pastor Anderson talked about what everyone had learned during the week. Sabbath morning there was a special all-children Sabbath School that focused on how the sanctuary message is significant to us today.

The most surprising thing about this VBS was how interested the children were to learn about the details of the sanctuary. They asked many questions and whole-heartedly engaged in the exploration of the Sanctuary.