Pastor Appreciation Ideas

October is Pastor's Appreciation Month, however showing appreciation and saying thanks is always appropriate.
Here are some resource links to show support and appreciation to your pastor and/or the pastor's wife:

General Ideas

  1. Derek Morris Ministry Magazine Editor's Blog, Affirming our Pastors
    2.How to Encourage Your Pastor's Wife (Helpful article from Focus on the Family)
    3.How to Pray For your Pastor
    4.GC Article: Celebrating Pastor Appreciation Day
    5.Shoes of Superior Quality (internet '16 idea)

Yearly Suggestions (Large files may take longer to download)

1.2016 NAD Pastor Appreciation Ideas
2.2015 NAD Pastor Appreciation Ideas (excerpts and adapted from 2010)
3. 2013 Pastor Appreciation Ideas from North American Division
4. Mid-America's Outlook Magazine, pastoral appreciation issue