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Many Faces of Healing: Unmasked - April 6-8, 2007

Conference Information

Today there is great interest in "natural healing" and a medical approach that is free from drugs. This interest has made many alternative/complementary therapies (i.e. acupuncture, aromatherapy, iridology, homeopathy, magnets, methods to align the flow of energy/ fluids, therapeutic touch, etc.) attractive to many people. These are relatively inexpensive, easily available and seemingly without adverse effects. They continue to grow in popularity and many are proclaiming great benefits.

How could there be any danger or harm in participating in such "natural," drug-free methods? Eve was totally unsuspecting when Satan used the serpent for a medium to beguile her in Eden. Is it possible that we too might be misled by his deceptions today?

This seminar will unmask the foundation and origin of many popular alternative/complementary therapies, helping the participant recognize the connections with pagan philosophy and theology. By attending this seminar you will develop a clearer understanding of God's true methods and will be better equipped to correctly identify Satan's many deceptions in health and healing. Come participate, it may save your life--your eternal life.

Seminar Presenters

test image Ed Noyes, MD, MPH has had a special interest in preventive medicine for decades. He is the author of a brand new book, Exposed: Spiritualistic Deceptions in Health and Healing.
test image Elvin Adams, MD, MPH is currently the Health Authority for Tarrant County, Texas. He has served the Seventh-day Adventist Church in several capacities, most recently as Associate Director of the Health Ministries Department at the General Conference.
test image Fred Hardinge, DrPH,RD first became interested in alternative healing modalities more than twenty-five years ago prior to moving to the Philippines. He is currently Director of Internet Ministries for It Is Written, prior to that was Health Ministries Director of the Upper Columbia Conference.