Adventurers Learn Discipleship

Picture 170 Adventurer kids together, enjoying a 45-minute worship talk, without getting bored. ...the kids were not just listening but copying...

Huge Health Clinic in Spokane

A large health clinic entitled “Your Best Pathway to Health” will be held in Spokane this summer. The decision to go ahead...

Teens Pitch In

The Pathfinder Teen Mission Adventure began this week in Brewster. Teens fanned out all over the area to assist ...

Pateros Distribution Center

"Imagine a burn the size of the state of Connecticut, then you can begin to realize the loss from the Carlton Complex Fire last July. The most effective response especially in disasters is working together — churches and conferences, churches and other faith-based organizations, and churches in collaboration with government agencies. ..."

Share the Life encourages members to foster a lifestyle of sharing Jesus. In addition, it trains and equips members and entire churches for soul-winning service for Christ.

Join our Share the Life team today and become an Outreach Coordinator. This exciting position will put you at the heart of the action. 

This vital evangelism initiative is funded by your generous donations. Thank you!

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Camp Meeting registration for 2015

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