Dinner With the Doctor

The savory smells of a bountiful dinner greeted visitors seeking to return books at the North Spokane (Wash.) Library...

Become a Health Advocate?

To learn how to effectively follow Jesus Christ’s example and help people gain a better life, become a Community Health Advocate ...

Students Celebrate at Sheriff Office

Caleb Nelson and Myles Nelson, students at St. Maries Christian School, were awarded a “Vacation from Class.” A field trip ...

Hispanic Camp Meeting

"Hispanic Camp Meeting brought members from Omak to Hermiston together in Pasco, Wash. Jan. 10, 2015. One speaker, José Rojas, spoke to young adults, encouraging them to share Christ from their own experience."

Share the Life encourages members to foster a lifestyle of sharing Jesus. In addition, it trains and equips members and entire churches for soul-winning service for Christ.

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This vital evangelism initiative is funded by your generous donations. Thank you!

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